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Ryan Grantham Movies – His Life , Career and Filmography

Who is Ryan Grantham:

Ryan Grantham was a famous Canadian actor. He was born on 30 November, in the year 1998. He became famous when one of his roles as Rodney James in a movie called Diary of a Wimpy Kid became famous. He was loved by so many of his fans in the movie Riverdale, in which he played the role of Jaffery Augustine. He was born in the city of British Columbia, Canada, where his parents lived. He was a kid who wanted to do everything on his own. He was a good player of cricket and football. He loves acting, so he started to practice acting from his school time when he was so young. He got enrolled in a school of acting where many people came to learn the art of acting. After some time, his skills reached their best, and he got a chance to play some kid roles in movies. His first role was played in the year 2007 when he was only 9 years old.

Ryan Grantham’s Journey to the Entertainment Industry

At the age of 9, when other kids played football and video games, Ryan started to work as a lead kid actor in some of his famous movies. His first debut was shot when he was 12 years old in the year 2007. The name of that debut was” The Secret of the Nutcracker,” in which he plays the role of Bily. This is not his first time to come on TV screens. He was doing many other scenes and roles in different TV shows and programs and collected all the fame. Some of Ryan’s most famous movies are Supernatural and Becoming Redwood in the year of 2019. They both became very popular because of their storyline and the chemistry between the two kids.

Ryan Grantham Movies:

  1. The Secret of the Nutcracker (Billy, 2007)
  2. Storm Cell (Young Sean, 2008)
  3. Trial by Fire (Little Boy, 2008)
  4. Riese: Kingdom Falling (Young Arkin, 2009)
  5. Santa Buddies (Sam, 2009)
  6. The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (Little Anton, 2009)
  7. Goblin (Ben, 2010)
  8. Diary of a Wimpy Kid (Thor Freudenthal, 2010)
  9. Ice Quake (Paul Ziller, 2010)
  10. Battle of the Bulbs (Tim Wallace, 2010)
  11. Marley and Me: The Puppy Years (2011)
  12. Barricade (Andrew Currie, 2012)
  13. Becoming Redwood (Jessie et al. 2012)
  14. Altitude (Kaare Andrews, 2010)
  15. Smart Cookies (Dax 2012)
  16. 12 Disasters (Peter, 2012)
  17. Perfect High (Robbie, 2015)
  18. Considering Love and Oher Magic (Tommy, 2016)
  19. Undercover Cheerleader (Max, 2019)
  20. Riverdale (A TV Series, Jaffery Augustine 2019)

Ryan Murdered His Own Mother:

Ryan Grantham murdered his own mother, Barbara White, at his place when he was only 22 years old. Her mother was playing the piano when he shot his mother in her head. Her mother was her real mother, and she was 65 years old when he killed her.

He also planned to kill the Prime Minister of Canada one day after this incident. He grabbed all of his gadgets, including three guns, 13 Molotov Cocktails and his ammunition to kill Justin Trudeau, who was the prime minister of Canada at that time. Police arrested him, charged him with murdering his mother and sentenced him to a lifetime of prison. From that time, he was in prison, and he will not be eligible for parole untill his prison ends, which will be completed in 2036.

It was so sad to hear that during his first sentence, Ryan’s lawyer said that he did it all because he was not mentally stable and he was unaware of doing this act. While these all are not considered true, many of his colleagues and neighbours told the police about her mother, Babara White, that she was a wonderful parent and she loved him the most as he was her only child.


Who did Ryan Grantham play in Diary of a Wimpy Kid?

Ryan Grantham played the role of Rodney James in Diary of a Wimpy Kid in the year 2010

Why was Ryan Grantham sentenced to life?

The famous actor of Riverdale, Ryan Grantham, was sentenced to prison for his life because he murdered his mother, and now he is not eligible to do any role for about 14 years.

Where is Ryan Grantham now?

Authorities have decided to sentence Ryan Grantham, the actor of Riverdale, to a prison hospital in British Columbia, Canada. He will serve the remaining period of his sentence there.

What shows is Ryan Grantham in supernatural?

Ryan Grantham is a popular Canadian actor who played the role of Todd in the episode of Wishful Thinking in Season 4. He played a young hunter in the episode Out of the Darkness in Season 11. He performs the role of main hero in Riverdale and Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

Was Ryan Grantham in some assembly required?

We can see Ryan Grantham in the TV Series 2014 – 2016 in Some Assembly Required as Logan.