Life of Javaughn J. Porter: A Family Perspective

Who is Javaughn J.Porter ?

Javaughn J.Porter is a famous kid , belongs to a well-known family .He is the son of a famous American star Blueface. He was a popular hip-hop singer and his fame came along in his whole family. Javaughn J.Porter get popular because of his father’s star studded life. He was born on 28th of April in Los Angeles, California in the United States in the year 2017.

Details About Javaughn J.Porter

Full Name

Javaughn J.Porter

Date of Birth

28th of April, 2017

Fathers Name

Johnathon Michael Porter

Place of Birth

California, United States

Mothers Name

Jaidyn Alexis


3 Feet 5 inch

Javaughn J.Porter’s Family:

Javaughn J.Porter is the only son of his parents. Her mother Jaidyn Alexis is a specialist in beauty and skincare while his father is a famous American rapper of his time. He got fame from his family. He was born when his parents were not married to each other. They were dating each other for a long time. During their dating period, Jaidyn gave birth to a baby boy, then after some time they named their son ‘’ Javaughn J.Porter’’. Java was loved by their parents a lot as he is the oly child and most adored by everyone including his grandparents and other relatives. Blueface loved his son the most and he tattooed his son’s name on his wrist. He sang a song for his son by the name of ‘’Deadlocks’’ and dedicated this song to Java.

Java has some stepbrothers and stepsisters.

Javaughn J.Porter’s Mother :

Mother of Javaughn J.Porter is a famous beauty model and aesthetician. She has worked in the field of skincare for too long. She was known by many people in the industry. Her name is Jaidyn Alexis. She was modeling and working in the cosmetic industry. She also has experience in skincare and aesthetics. She was born in Los Angeles, California on 2nd October in the year 1988.Her roots have been raised from many different sources.

She has a large number of followers on her different social media accounts. People know her because of her work and her lifestyle. She is very active on her social media posting stories and videos from her daily routine, her family and related to fashion and skincare. She was a manager in a reputable firm as senior skincare model. She has a position of Chief Executive Officer at Glendale. It is a Baby face Skin and Body LLC based in California. She has done so much in her life that’s why people know her personality. But her fame increased when she started dating a famous rapper of his town Blueface.

Blueface – An American Rapper and Javaughn J.Porter’s Father

Javaughn J.Porter’s fathers name is Blueface .He is an American hip-hop rapper and singer .people loved him so much because of his singing .He is a mixture of African plus American root and has been living in United States with his parents named Johnathon M.Porter and Karisa Saffold .He started singing from his childhood and started getting fame in 2018.His famous and most popular song is ‘Thotiana’.

After getting famous, he started releasing songs and albums. Many TV programs wanted him to be on their show to feature him .He then started to appear on TV programs including Hollywood and Celebrity Show of Family Feud and Love and Hip Hop.

His First Step in Music Industry:

Javaughn started to walk on the path of his father Blueface and started singing songs. He started doing this at a very young age. Blueface dedicated a song ‘Deadlocs’ to his beloved son Java when his son was only 6-7 months old. After this one more song came to appear on the screen which was again dedicated to his son and that video song names as ‘’Bust Down Bless Up’.In this video song both the father and son are present and their presence makes the song more worthy.

After these successful programs. They both are getting invites from many shows including their interviews and family shows to show their relationship.

Javaughn J.Porter’s Only Sister :

According to a report, there is only a one younger sister of Java, whose name is Journey Alexis Porter. She was born in United States in the year 2022.She is 5 years younger than Java. Blueface loved his family a lot but has any adventures going on his life including rap, singing and hip-hop. He was arrested in a case of robbery in 2023, when Java was 5 years old.

Net Worth of Javaughn J.Porter:

Java is a small child but because of his fame, he must be financially strong like his parents. According to search results and some authentic sources we found that Java has around $55,000 cash on his name. He will also be getting money from his parents. When this little star reaches the age of 18 , the constitution will inherit all of his property and money including his father’s property. Blueface is a famous rich man having property of around $5 million including cash.

Social Existence of Javaughn J.Porter:

Javaughn J.Porter is too young as he is only 6 years old .he is only seen in some pictures and videos which were posted by his parents on some social media platforms .As both of his parents are public figures and having public accounts so they usually shares their life on stores and  posts on Instagram .Maybe after some time we get to see official Instagram account of their beloved son Java but now we only have can see him on different photos,

Jaidyn’s Instagram Account: jaidynalexxis

Blueface’s Instagram Account: bluefacerap

You can follow both of their accounts to see their life and stories related to their son Java.


Where is Blueface baby from?

Blueface was born in Los Angeles and got married in the same place. His famous son Java has also been born and raised in the same city.

Does Blueface have a kid?

Yes Blueface has a kid named Javaughn J.Porter.

How many kids does Blueface have?

Blueface is a famous American rapper and has 3 children in total. Javaughn is the only son of Blueface and Jaidyn Alexis.

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