Joe Burrow’s House: Where Does the No. 1 NFL Pick Call Home?

Joe Burrow’s House

About Joe Burrow:

Joe Burrow is a famous football player, who was born on 10 December,1996 in Athes,Iowa. As he is getting so much fame and gets on the top in his career, people started to find more about his personal life, where he lives, about his house etc. Joe is the No.1 NFL pick in 2020 which makes his fans getting eager to know about which place Joe calls his home and where he currently lives?

This article is a collection of details about Joe Burrows houses and properties which their fans want to know.

Joe Burrows Journey:

Joe Burrow was the best football player since he was in school but he was selected as 1st by the Cincinnati Bengals in the 2020 NFL draft. He was warmly welcomed by the team as he was already very popular in his game. His health went down after playing against Washington in the year 2020.he got a torn left which requires surgery. After surgery, he was on rest for some months and then rejoined his team for training.

Joe Burrows Residence:

Famous football star Joe still lives with his family despite getting all the fame from all over the world. He loves to stay with his family on his property while his parents owned a house back in 2005. He was from Cul-de-sac in the country of Athes,ohio. where he lives with his loved ones.

Joe Burrows Girlfriend:

Olivia Holzmacher is Joe’s current girlfriend; she has been with Joe since 2006. She is his long-term girlfriend. They both fall in love with each other in Ohio city, where Olivia was studying. Joe was getting attracted towards her and they started dating together. Since then, they have been together.

Olivia is a data analyst from Ohio University and now works as a specialist at The Kroger Company. Olivia and Joe both are so supportive and loving towards each other and this bond can be easily seen by their social media.

Joes Personal Property:

Joe Burrows’ house has made people very conscious because he bought a charming property in the vicinity of Columbia in 2020 for about $ 840,000. It’s a huge property of about 2,660 square feet, based on 4 bedrooms and 3-4 bathrooms. It has a lovely garden and backyard where Joe plays and practices his sports. Joe wants to live with his parents so he moved with his parents to this new property. This is the first property that Joe has bought in Cincinnati, United States.

It is not just a property but a beautiful place located in the old region of Cincinnati, built beautifully with love. It has two story, a spacious garage for parking cars and has all the beautiful pieces of decoration in his home.

Some photos from joe’s Instagram shows that his room has a Star Wars theme, as fans are eagerly waiting for him to upload some pictures and videos from his routine life.

Based on some records we can share some details about the property of joe. He purchased his beautiful villa in the year of 2005 (March) for about $240,000. these are the estimated values.

Joe Burrow

No. 1 NFL Pick:

Joe has been a phenomenal football player in the NFL. He has a crazy fan following, people adore his sports personality so much. He has been an athlete in football since he was small and his excellence in his sport rose day by day. In school time, Joe played football with his friends with high skills and made himself highly skilled to get nominated for national league. After school, he went to the college where his exceptional playing skills became the attention of everyone’s eye. After these years of hardwood and practice he got a chance to play and got selected.

Joe’s journey is filled with passion and hard work. he started his playing journey in his hometown athes,ohio.that’s why he loved this place so much and have a special attraction towards this place.


When was Joe Burrow drafted in the NFL?

Joe Burrow was drafted as first overall in the year 2020 NFL.

When was Joe Burrow drafted in the NFL?

Joe Burrow was drafted as first overall in the year 2020 NFL.

Which franchise drafted Joe Burrow in the NFL?

The Cincinnati Bengals drafted Joe in the 2020 NFL.

Who was Joe Burrows’ parents?

Joe Burrow’s father was known publicly because of his 40 + years of football experience. He was an athlete and played in the national football league as well. His name was Jimmy Burrows.

His mother’s name is Robin Burrow but no one knows her but she was present in his son’s game.

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