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Heardle 60s – Brings Music into Gaming World

Introduction About Heardle 60s:

Heardle 60s is a musical video gaming application in which the user needs to guess the name of the song by only hearing the Music one time for only one second. All the songs used in this application were from the era of the ’60s, which is the main reason people from this century love to play this game. The guessing part of this game is a favorite among all the users as people continue to guess until the right song comes into their mind. You don’t just have to guess the name of the song within six trials but also the name of the artist who sang that specific song. Some find this part so funny and enjoy guessing the random names of different songs. When you give the wrong answer, then they will provide you with the next second of that song.

Mainly, the person who guesses the song correctly within the shortest time period will win the game. This game becomes more interesting when you play it with your friends or family. It’s a one-day challenge to guess the song. And if you win the game, this application will play the complete song for you to enjoy.

How to Use This Application:

You can use this application easily by downloading it on your smartphone or on your desktop. It is user-friendly, and you can easily scroll and navigate throughout the platform.

After searching Heardle 60s, start playing your game.

As the game starts to play a song for one second, listen to it carefully and try to remember that song.

Try to guess the title of the song by using your memory and type the title in the bar as soon as possible.

If you type the title of the song in the shortest time, you will win the points. It totally depends upon the speed of playing the game.

Rebuild the Connection to 1960s Music:

Heardle’s 60s has become more popular for music lovers rather than game lovers. People who love to listen to old songs enjoy this game a lot because this game brings out all the old and gold memories from their past when they were young. This is not only for older people; you have seen many young adults who love old songs. It has become a trend nowadays and hardly makes the most of its use. This game combines the games with Music, which becomes the best combination for many people. Some people like this concept, while there are some who might not find this game interesting.

There are some people who daily play this game just to win the game because whoever wins the game or gets the highest points by completing the task within a minimum of a second will win.The winner will get a chance to listen to his favorite old song that he has guessed before

Best Strategies for Playing Heardle 60s:

Following are some tips that will help you to guess the song in the shortest possible time.

1Give proper attention when the first second of the song plays and try to catch the Music so that you can get in the right direction. Try to get familiar with the song that you have listened to in your old times.

2. Listen to the song with all the focus and try guessing the title of the song by melody, lyrics, or style. Guess from which movie or program it belongs to.

3. If you are not sure about the melody of the song, try to memorize the actor or scene of the song. It helps in guessing the name of the song.

4. You will get better when you play this game on a daily basis.

5. Just don’t be pan while listening to the part of the song. It won’t help you.


Is Heardle 60s free to play?

Heardle 60s are completely free. It is available for everyone without paying any cost.

People of every age can play Heardle 60s?

There is no age limit associated with playing this game. It is a family game, and everyone can play this game without having any restrictions, even though you all can play this game in the form of groups.

Is there any trial available for guessing the song?

Yes, you will have six trials for guessing songs each time you miss the chance, but you have 60 seconds only to complete the task.

Heardle 60s work on mobile phones?

Yes, Heardle 60s will easily work on your smartphone and even on your desktop computers,


Heardle 60s allows you to enjoy the songs of 6os by playing such interesting games. All the songs were hit songs of their time, and this application has selected all these songs according to the research of ten years. It will bring back all the old memories and make you think back for a while. Enjoy the journey with Heardle 60s.

Heardle 60s – Brings Music into Gaming World

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