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Picuki Instagram Viewer


What is Picuki?

Picuki is a popular Instagram story viewer which is getting famous day by day because of its innovative features. It’s an Instagram story editor and viewer. You can see its web application that is easy to use and allows you to have access to Instagram stories and content. you can use it for free and additionally you can get access to the stories

Basically, it’s a tool that makes Instagram more interesting by giving us easy access to the profiles and enables editing easily. We can edit our profiles, posts, locations and tags also. While there are so many other features that make Picuki more efficient. We will be telling you each and every detail about this application in this article.

How To Use Picuki:

According to recent research, Picuki has become popular and everyone has started using it. So everyone should know about how it works and how you can use this application.

You can simply use it without having your account on Picuki, you just get the access by directly using the website. While there are so many options to use Picuki for viewing people’s posts and stories on Instagram, this one would be very easy.

Search the username of Instagram, by doing this you can enter any Instagram user id and get i.e., have other options as well like you can search by using any tags, locations or related things.

Guide To Use Picuki: We will guide you how to use Picuki to save and view Instagram stories.

First Step:

Open your search engine on your smartphone or on desktop and go to the official website of Picuki which is http://www.picuki.com

Second Step:

You will see a search bar on the screen, enter the name of the person whose Instagram you’re willing to view and reach. When you enter the username of that specific Instagram account, you will find so many profiles out there and all are of the same name. You need to select in between them.

Third Step:

Now you have access to that Instagram profile that you want. You can see all the latest uploads, posts, stories. Pictures and videos from the past and a lot more.

Fourth Step:

Picuki allows you to edit, download, save and view any post of that specific Instagram account. Press the download or edit button. Now you are allowed to edit this downloaded image. You can alter the size of the image, crop it, filterized it.

Safe and Secure:

Whenever we use any online website there is a definite threat for us about being unsafe. But in the case of using Picuki, you don’t need to worry about your safety and privacy as it is completely safe. According to the research. picuki is highly rated website from its users and reviewers. There will be no viruses or ads that will make you feel uncomfortable while using thai app.You can use Picuki and enjoy your viewing and editing process safely.

Picuki Legal or Not?

After thorough research and investigation we got to know that Picuki is a legal website and it is a secure and legit platform.downloading of pictures and videos becomes so easy with this application.

Advantages of Using Picuki:

It allows users to view, save and download Instagram content and that’s the main feature that attracts users towards this app.

2.It provides a seamless experience to all the users as it is very easy to use, navigate and search throughout the website. It saves the user’s time by providing easy access.

3.It has vast innovative features that provide a comprehensive experience to the users.

4.It is free to use and you can use all of his features without any subscription charges.

5.Picuki is not available only for editing Instagram content but it also allows users to expertise in using other platforms including Facebook and twitter etc.

6.Picuki is famous for its anonymous feature which means users can use this platform without being known. None will know about your personality and you can visit stories and save them.

7.You can use this website on any device whether it is your smartphone, or laptop or also on your desktop, it just needs a stable internet connection as it’s an online website.


Picuki is best known online which is getting popular because of its features. You can view, save and download stories, posts or any content from instagram from any public account without having your own account. It is easy to use and works efficiently under stable internet connection.

So, what are you waiting for? Go to the website and start downloading anonymously.